Defenseless Army

It began in 1973

This war on our defenseless army

Who are these robed men

From where comes their power

To say we’re unworthy to live in this hour

At first we thought this war we could win

After all what person would stoop to such sin

But now oh how we have cried

That over 58 million have died

Our mothers were deceived

They bought into the lie

When society told them

It’s for the best that your child die

We were created for greatness

That’s always God’s plan

Never for spare parts

Lying cold in a pan

Who will help us

Who will stand in our stead

It seems that no one cares

Now that so many have bled

Are your hearts so cold

Is evil that great

That you can’t even see

How we’ve  been betrayed

We are innocent, vulnerable

Depending on you

If God touches your heart

Please help to see us through


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