New York Cowardly Death Law

Like most Americans, I was appalled to learn that New York has passed a law allowing the murder of unborn children up until the moment of birth and in the same week the Virginia legislature tried to pass a law even allowing a newborn baby to be killed if the mother decided she didn’t want it.

Just as disturbing is the fact that in the New York law the unborn are no longer protected from violent acts.

What kind of monster would pass such a law so detrimental to women and children?

A cowardly one, that’s who. Attacking and killing tiny human beings in their most vulnerable state is not something to be proud of and certainly should not be celebrated.

At a time when God is knitting together His creation and equipping them for life here on earth, these legislators want to come in and devour their very existence by poisoning or ripping them to shreds or delivering them and watching them die! How heartless have we become!

The real agenda

If the baby isn’t wanted or the parents can’t take care of it, why not just deliver it and hand it to one of the thousands of infertile couples waiting to get a baby?

Because it’s not really not about helping women or children at all. Instead its all about death and destruction. Consider the other portion of the New York bill which allows non-physicians to perform abortions. This alone will no doubt lead to even more deaths for women from botched abortions.

New York already has the highest abortion rate of any State with more black babies being aborted than born alive there, but even that isn’t enough for these legislators. They felt they had to expand the law so they can slaughter even more innocent children.

How we got here

Interesting, among the outraged from this law was an activist from NARAL. “This is not what we signed up for when we were fighting for a woman’s right to abortion.” She exclaimed while being interviewed on a popular news station.

No, that isn’t what you signed up for Ms. NARAL activists, but what you and your accomplices have failed to realize is that sin is never satisfied. What you wanted to be a safe and rare occurrence has now become a common place method of birth control and has even led to infanticide.

Regrettably, it won’t stop there. Next will be the putting to death of the elderly, the weak, the sick and the handicapped, because now that the door has been opened that humans have the right to choose death for another, the killings will only continue to expand. What was once considered unthinkable will soon become common place. (Matthew 10:21)

That’s the nature of sin. It is never satisfied. It always progresses. The only way this downward spiral will ever be stopped is for all human life to once again be protected by law and every human being is granted their God-given right to live, including those inside the womb.

You shall not murder Exodus 20:13 NIV


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