I ditched cable news and brought peace back into my life

The problem

The crash was so loud that it awoke both my husband and I. We normally sleep through thunderstorms, but this strike sounded like it hit something close to our house.

The next morning we discovered our cable and internet was out. We fetched the bill to find the phone number to call them and that’s when we realized that the monthly charge had suddenly increased by $30 a month! We were now paying close to $200 a month to watch TV!

We called technical support and they could not fix the problem using their normal remote methods. “We can send someone out” the technician said, “But if the problem is on your end, we will charge you $70!” Are you kidding me?

Later that day I called the cable company back and tried to negotiate a better rate for our service, but the best she could offer was to take it back to the $150 we were paying – for a limited time.

The solution

By now we’re thinking that God was telling us we needed to get rid of our cable. So we dropped the company altogether, went with another company for internet only and saved over $100 a month!

No cable means no more cable news. No more watching so-called journalists telling me every night how horrible our elected president is and how stupid the 64 million American people in those 35 states were for electing him.

Turns out I don’t need the opinions of liberal journalists who balk at my Christian values. We are on the opposite end of the scale when it comes to those values, so why am I giving them the time of day?

Not wanting to stick my head in the sand as far as current events are concerned, I downloaded Fox News with notifications to my phone so I never miss any important news or information. I choose Fox because they don’t have an ulterior motive to destroy the Christian influence in this country.

The peace that has become more evident in my life by not listening to the constant negativity, bickering and hateful slandering is incredibly sweet.

As Christians we are called to pray for those in governing authorities over us, not tear them apart apart and shred them to pieces because our guy didn’t get elected. Yet when we continually listen to people so filled with hate that they spend a complete 24 hour news cycle day after day continually trying to destroy a person, we are contributing to their schemes. Their plan is to tap into the lizard part of our brain and keep our emotions high so that we keep watching, but after a while it’s just too much and we unplug completely because constantly listening to issues that you have no control over only causes anxiety.

We’re not the only ones dropping cable these days. According to a Fortune survey, with current trends more than 50 million people will have cut the cable cord by 2021.

My husband and I now spend our late evenings watching Andy Griffith reruns or the likes of some British murder mystery on Netflix. Interestingly, how a show about people being murdered is actually more relaxing than the current nightly news. Now that is sad!

I urge then first of all that petitions, prayers, intercession, and thanksgiving be made for all people — for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all goodness and holiness. This is good and pleases God our savior.

1 Timothy 2:1-4


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