What happened to Trust?

Photo by Pexels

We recently witnessed an alleged scandal at the top level of the FBI. This once highly respected government agency that was created to keep America safe by going after the toughest criminals, supposedly became the criminals themselves in an attempt to overthrow our elected president.

Under the previous administration we heard stories of the IRS discriminating against conservative organizations by trying to deny them non-profit status – just because they were conservative.

Every day we’re witnessing some of our elected officials side with mobs and terrorist who burn down buildings, kill innocent people, and threaten our constitution and our safety. They pander to a few radical activist whose only desire is to overthrow the very government to which these officials were elected.

These are just a few examples of corruption in our government, It seems like we hear of a new scheme every day. Sadly, we are no longer surprised and instead we’ve grown to expect it.

Media Mistrust

The lies and propaganda put out by most mainstream news organizations are extremely obvious. We hear half-truths, important facts are omitted, and every story has a spin to reflect the agenda of that particular news outlet. Unfortunately, America’s main stream media just isn’t interested in telling us the truth any longer. Former New York Times editor, Bari Weiss, recently resigned from his job because he couldn’t take the bias any longer. He explains it well in his compelling resignation letter.


Health Care Mistrust

We all thought that we can trust our healthcare system. After all, one would think the Center for Disease Control would have our best interest at heart. Until we learned that many health care workers signed a declaration that protest were a civil right and should be allowed, even though these same people were against the public going to work, church, a wedding, or even a funeral for a deceased family member.

The handling of the Corona Virus has all of our heads in a spin. First it was don’t wear masks because they don’t work, then it became mandatory for everyone to wear one. At first we needed a 15 day shelter in place to flatten the curve, now four months later, we still have many businesses completely shut down. Initially, we were told the virus could live on surfaces for days, now they are saying it’s only airborne. We’ve heard about numbers being inflated by health care facilities who have counted an entire family positive if one family member is positive, counted COVID deaths from persons that died from another reason and even claiming people are positive that haven’t even been tested! Instead of telling us the truth, the CDC and news outlets are consistently making statements based on how they want us to act or think. Thus, the bias of even our health care system has been exposed and as a result it has lost credibility.

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

The Truth

Please, just tell us the truth! The American people can handle it! We no longer have trust in our nation and we need it badly. When trust is lost, it’s almost impossible to get back and there is no way we can’t begin to solve our nation’s problems as long as the waters are muddled by so much deliberate misinformation.

So is there anything in this messed up world that we can still trust?

Thankfully, Yes! We can trust in God and His Word. Lee Strobel, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, didn’t believe the Bible was true and set out to prove his Christian wife wrong. The result was that he instead proved that Jesus Christ was indeed the son of God and published his findings in a best-selling book entitled The Case for Christ.

God never lies! There are over 3,000 promises in the Bible and you can take anyone of them to the bank. They are all true. Most don’t take the time to read them, much less act on them, but for those that do, they are an incredible, life-changing blessing. The Bible is a treasure full of comforting verses, challenging ideas, and examples on how to handle life’s toughest problems. It helps us grow into better people and ultimately live a happier, more productive life while showing us the way to eternal life.

God’s word never changes. In our world things can change in an instant. One day we have a thriving business and the next we’re bankrupt because of a stay-at-home order resulting from a virus. The Word of God is one rock we can go to anytime and know that God hasn’t changed His mind about anything. What was true in the beginning is true for the present and will be for the future also.

God put a lot of trust in mankind when He gave us a free will and dominion over His creation. We have failed Him miserably. But He has never failed us. One of His promises is that He will never forsake us, no matter what happens. (Deuteronomy 31:6) That’s one promise we can certainly cling to during these uncertain times.

Photo by Pexels


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