Why I blog

I’m a natural encourager.  I can always see the good in people – their great qualities, characteristics and abilities when sometimes they can’t see them for themselves.   Actually, I’m pretty good at seeing the good in any situation, especially bad ones.  Maybe that’s because I tend to look for them.

I love the Word of God because to me it’s like an owners manuel for Life.   I believe there are answers in there for every situation we encounter.   The Bible is like a well that never runs dry, bursting forth with new insights.   They don’t always jump out at you, (although sometimes they do), but often you must dig and study to discover the truth.  God seldom makes things too easy for us.  We are designed to work for the best things in life and studying the scriptures is no exception.

My previous three posts: Confessions of a Winter Whiner, Are you a Worrywart, and Our Limited Time on Earth, are all life lessons I’ve learned through the scriptures.

I want to share what I have learned along my life journey with others by taking situations that we often deal with and applying a scripture to that situation.  I figure that if I have dealt with it and found a scripture to encourage me, that it can possibly help someone else.


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