When Life Seems Out of balance


My husband and I enjoy biking on the weekend. The greenway near our home is a beautiful place to ride. The paved trail runs along a long, winding river, complete with water falls and lined with lush flora and beautiful green trees. The air is fresh, smells wonderful, and feels great blowing in our face as we peddle along the paved trail.

However, there is one section that I don’t particularly enjoy. It runs underneath an interstate bridge. There is a concrete wall on one side of the trail and on the left is a gulley of water. It is also not very well lit. While the paved trail is just as wide as it is out in the open, the dimness of the light and the concrete wall on one side with the water on the other always causes me to lose my balance and I end up getting off the bike and pushing it through the tunnel.

I find this is true in my spiritual life as well. When I’m not reading my Bible or praying as I should, life tends to get a little darker, I get a little wobbly, and I’ll  be unkind, make a bad choice that I later regret, or just start to have less peace.

God’ word is a light that guides us through this uncertain and scary world helping us to make decisions that are best for ourselves and others.

If your life seems a little off balance lately, try spending more time in God’s word and watch the light of God’s wisdom glow brighter in your life, helping you to see more clearly to smoothly navigate through this sometimes crazy but wonderful life.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119:105



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