Things I’ve learned

When I was a child every day when I got off the school bus my mother would ask me what I learned that day.  Looking back, I probably didn’t give her very good answers.  Sometimes I would say “nothing,” which surely couldn’t have been true.   I was just done thinking about school for the day and  wanted to go play  outside or watch The Match Game.

Today as an adult I see the benefit of learning  something every day.  It’s a big, interesting  world out there and God designed our brains so that they are never full.  We can always take in more information or learn a new concept or skill.   My mom is not around to ask me what I’ve learned at the end of the day, but I can ask myself.

I love lists.  They are a great at helping us remember to do something or be something.   Of Opinions blog on list making inspired me to  start a list of  one most important thing I learned each  day.

I love to learn from other people’s experiences and knowledge through reading, listening to podcasts, etc. and hardly a day goes by that I don’t read something  that enriches my life;  however, when I started this list, the most note worthy addition seemed to come from something I had experienced that day.    Although I have been tempted to throw in a few of my favorite new quotes from other sources, it seems life’s most lasting  lessons come from our experiences.

It makes me wonder if Solomon in all his wisdom didn’t write some of those amazing Proverbs from personal experience.  For instance, when he wrote,”If you find honey, eat just enough— too much of it, and you will vomit.” (Proverbs 25:16)   He probably gorged himself on it one day and suffered the consequences.  I can see him eagerly chomping down on the sweet honeycomb and afterward feeling extremely nauseous and possibly saying to himself,  “I need to warn people about this.”

Not that I’m in any way comparing my humble list to the wisdom of Proverbs, but here are few  things I’ve learned or been reminded of recently.

  1. If you drive through a subdivision where construction is going on, you could very possibly get nails in your tires.
  2. If you follow a link from a text message offering an unbelievable  sale, it is probably not a trusted site.
  3. The more outgoing and friendly you are to others, the more friendly they will be with you.
  4. When things aren’t communicated well, confusion, misunderstandings and hurt feelings can result.
  5. You are much happier when you are thankful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have.
  6. When you have a change in attitude that causes you to act differently than people are accustomed, it can upset them, even if it is a positive change.
  7. Two weeks is the perfect vacation time.  After one week, you’re sad it’s over, but with two you’re ready to get back to routine and work.
  8. Sometimes you just need to take a day and dedicate it to a project you’ve been putting off.
  9. A heating pad and whirlpool really helps lower back pain
  10. Its easy to slip away from a close your walk with the Lord.  The Isralites did it often and so can we if we don’t continually guard our heart.








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